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We are Good Bites & Glass Pints!

All photographs were taken by Browtine Photography

Ally Voner

Food Photographer | Marketing


Who am I? Food photographer, cat lover, outgoing adventurer, bold talker, dream seeker, card player, Netflix watcher, horror movie lover, & whiskey drinker!


Where did I go to school? I got my BFA in Photography/Video at Montserrat College of Art, & my Associates in Studio Art at Middlesex Community College


What's your favorite animal? I love cats & turtles.. Especially my cats Toby & Oscar, and my turtle Gus! 


Where did you grow up? Boston- and yes, I have the stereotypical Boston accent.... and by the way... you cannot park your 'cah' in 'havahd' 'yahd.' 


What's your favorite decade? 90's - I grew up in the 90's and there's nothing that makes me happier than listening to some Backstreet Boys or Nirvana.


Most important thing to me? I love my family. Sometimes I have a funny way of showing it, but I would do anything for them.  I also think it's important to experience life and do things that I enjoy. Life is short, I need to experience the most out of life before I can't. 



Why did you start this blog? I love taking pictures of food. I have applied to MANY food photography jobs telling me I 'don't have enough experience' and they give it to the guy that's twice my age. I also have been a bartender & waitress for over a decade now in 5 different restaurants; I know the food industry world too well. I know what it's like to be that waitress on their feet for 13 hours, or that bartender that's making drinks all day, only to go home smelling like beer & other liquors. I have always liked going to breweries, pubs, & restaurants with that 'unpretentious' vibe. I love going to new places and telling people about my experiences and WHY it's wicked cool. With my experience in the food industry, my photography skills, & my love for telling stories... it was only natural for me to start this blog. I also want to make my OWN experience in this field, because I love taking pictures of food and helping out other businesses showcase their own food in a positive light. 




Who am I? I'm a weird dude, I like cats & bikes, beers & frisbees, and I hate oranges & birthdays. I'm a bit shy but I would love to get to know anyone over a beer & share some laughs. 


Where did I go to school? I went to Bridgewater State University for Graphic Desgin, spent a semester in Australia, and graduated in 2012.

Do you collect anything? I do have a good sized watch collection, about 30 strong so far...I don't have a problem.

What do you do for fun? I love riding my bicycle, hiking mountains, playing cards, and driving around looking for new beers to try.

What's your favorite way to eat potatoes? French fries are all well and good, but curly fries are the superior cut, however shredded hashbrowns are the best way to consume the glorious spud. 


Where are you excited to go? I'm honestly just excited to get out of New England and see the rest of the East Coast. But I'm really looking forward to try all the cuban inspired food, as we get further south.

Why did you start this blog?  Probably the biggest reason that I wanted to do this blog, is to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, see new places, and to experience an adventure with my best friend by my side.

Chris Boudrow

Designer | Editor


How did we meet?

Ally met Chris when she moved to Gloucester and got a job as a bartender at the Gloucester House Restaurant. Its a family run restaurant on the water serving fresh caught seafood. We had a rough start, but became very good friends, after Ally invited herself into his friend group.

We moved to the Berkshires with another friend of ours and lived the mountain life. We both got jobs working at a fine dining restaurant together and we discovered that this is was definitely not the kind of place WE would want to dine at. So, we drank & dined at local breweries, restaurants & pubs instead, and our love for great food & great drinks helped grow our love for each other.

So together, we are two aspiring artists that have spent the last 10 + years in the food service industry. We've seen it all from shitty dives to white table cloth fine dining. We love food and we loooove drinks, and we want to import onto you the places we've loved and discover while we make our way down the American east coast. 


We want to show you that you can get some of the best food and drinks without have to pay top shelf for it. We've searched high and low to find what we think are the best budget friendly bars, pubs, food trucks and restaurants so you don't have to. 

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