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Cider Saturdays @ Stowe Cider Stowe, VT

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The first time I took a sip of Stowe Cider, it was everything I was looking for. They make some of the best semi-dry and dry ciders I’ve ever tasted. Even with new cideries popping up each week, Stowe Cider has always, to me, been one of the most flavorful and uniquely inspirational ciders on the East Coast. And some of the best times I’ve had with friends and family have been at Stowe Cider. Even from day 1 when they first opened, I was there having the time of my life with my sister in that little old warehouse. Then they changed to a new location, and there I was again, drinking cider and playing battleship, perfectly content in the world. And now at they’re new production facility and tasting room, there’s even more fun to be had.

Every Saturday throughout the summer and fall, Stowe Cider hosts their ‘Cider Saturdays. A lively little event that hosts a different local band every week, with plenty of picnic tables for you and your friends, tons of lawn and board games to play, and of course 14 taps to choose from in their tasting room (they even have beer and non-alcoholic ciders!). Just go to any table to grab a tasting card (they’re mini-chalkboards!), write which four you want to try, then head to the bar to start your cider expedition. Even if you’ve been a few times before (or a couple dozen….) Mark and his team are always brewing up new ideas for you to try. The laid back environment and the chill live music will keep you bouncing along with the beat and before you know it, you’ll need another tasting, or maybe even some pints, once figure out which one is your favorite.

The Saturday we went, they had just released their new 'Apple Haze’ cider, their fall seasonal release. It's a fresh-pressed, unfiltered hazy cider with an apple cider taste that was so fall-fresh, you’d think each pour was a new batch. And providing the perfect soundtrack to drink cider was Nate Cozzolino, playing a mix of originals and classics. “Nate’s performances serve to tell the ongoing story of the highs, lows and perpetual pushing-forward of gypsy life very much examined.” Nate was such a funny guy that had everyone jamming, some people even got up to dance, enjoying this beautiful fall afternoon Vermont provided for us.

We finished our tastings pretty fast, but we weren’t ready to close our tab yet. Back up to the bar we went to talk with Ashley, the enthusiastic new member of the Stowe Cider team. She was nearly as excited to be there as we were, happy to talk with a couple of Stowe Cider fans from Massachusetts. Stowe Cider really is such an amazing space with such a laid back vibe, it’s just so intoxicating (and I’m not talking about the cider). Everyone was enjoying themselves, playing games, drinking, laughing. I even talked to some random people to see why they love Stowe Cider as much as we do. A group of guys gave me some interesting insight: “Stowe Cider has the best of both worlds, unique concoctions that won’t fill you up and make you feel full after two ciders. A place where myself and my girlfriend can enjoy something together. Plus, the great live music definitely helps!”

There you have it! Local bands, local apples and some of the best people around, working together to make cider fit to share with friends and family. If we didn’t work on weekends… 4 hours away….we would definitely be there every Saturday afternoon hanging out with Mark, Ashley, Dan, Taylor and the rest of the cider crew. They are hands down, some of the coolest people we’ve met in this industry. They have big plans for the future, so make sure you stop by Stowe Cider in Stowe, VT to enjoy a great time. The season is almost over, so hurry up before all the leaves disappear... and possibly their delicious cider too!

Currently Stowe Cider is open Friday–Sunday 12–6pm

More Pictures of Cider Saturdays @ Stowe Cider down below!



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