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Smashed Waffles ~ Greenville, NC

Out on the road, especially driving down the coast, we tend to see a lot of the same restaurants. And I’m not talking about chains (although there are a TON of them), I’m talking about all those seafood restaurants on the coast, all claiming to have the freshest fish in town, with a menu that’s practically indistinguishable from the one down the street. It’s exhausting sometimes. So whenever we find a place that is doing something different from the rest, we jump on it. At Smashed Waffles in Greenville, NC they’re serving a menu unlike one we’ve ever seen featuring—you guessed it—waffles. Now these aren’t your typical Waffle House waffles, they’re made from scratch, on the daily with locally sourced ingredients—even their recipe is unique. Unlike the standard light & fluffy waffle that you pour into the waffle iron, at Smashed Waffles, they’ve created a doughy batter that can be balled up then ‘smashed’ into their cast iron waffle press. This creates crunchy, flaky waffles that can hold up to all the fantastic assortment of toppings they offer, like vanilla icing, brown sugar butter, chicken nuggets, candied bacon, even fried eggs. Intrigued? Yeah, us too, so we had to check it out for ourselves.

Just like their concept, the space at Smashed Waffles definitely stood out from the rest. Industrial yellow-caged work lights hung over head with white brick walls and other yellow accents throughout. The floors were covered wall-to-wall with white hexagon tiles, giving the whole room a refined cafe feel to it. Their logo we absolutely loved, it’s simplistic, but to the point: a waffle made of criss-crossed lines, kinda like a hashtag but with 6 lines instead of 4. As you enter, the order counter is the first thing you’ll see, stretching across most of the back wall. Opposite of the register, there’s a small six-seat counter facing out the large shopfront windows. This counter bar actually has multiple outlets (even USB ports) at the ready, perfect for working on your computer, or for just charging your phone while you munch on some waffles. Past the counter they have a couple of four-tops, and a large table with room for six, to finish out their dining room. This stylish & bright atmosphere is only enhanced by the numerous & humorous signs everywhere—to remind you—this is a fun place, so relax and enjoy your waffle. Everything was light and playful, just like their waffles, which developed a really cohesive aesthetic. And now I needed to develop a cohesive waffle in my belly.

Smashed Waffles’ menu was colorful & organized (perfect, my favorite combination!). There’s even pictures for each menu item, to make your decision a little easier (or harder if you’re me, they all looked SO good). The waffles are categorized into three main groups: sweet (think waffle donuts), savory (waffle egg sandwiches), and wacos (ice-cream waffle tacos, beautiful isn’t it?). The ‘sweet six’ as their called, are donut-styled sweet waffles, that you can get individually, as a trio, by the half dozen, or if you want to be the koolest kid in skool, a full dozen. We got a trio of the Cereal Thriller, the Quilted Pig and their waffle of the week. The Cereal Thriller is a 90’s kid’s dream, smothered with vanilla cream icing with Fruity Pebbles sprinkled on top. One bite and I was sent down memory lane, back to a time when all I would eat were sugary cereals, fruit by the foot, and good ol’ Kraft macaroni & cheese. The Quilted Pig toed the line between sweet & salty, with a maple drizzle & candied bacon. The best of both worlds to make you weak in the knees. We even tried their waffle of the week, the key lime special, with whipped sweet cream butter & sugared key lime zest blanketed on top. These sweet little waffles are dangerously good, my only regret is not trying them all.

Even after our sugary sampling, my sweet tooth was still not satisfied, so we got ourselves one of their three ice cream waco’s to split, the Buttercup. Vanilla ice cream, crushed Reese’s peanut butter cups, and a chocolate drizzle inside of Smashed Waffles’ signature waffle tacos. It was...everything I wanted it to be and more. A creamy peanut buttery & chocolatey explosion, and thanks to the crispy waffle taco, it held together beautifully without turning to a soupy ice cream mess. With my sweet tooth properly taken care of, we wanted to move on to the savory side. We thought about getting one of their egg sandwiches, but something else caught my eye—Chicken Lil’s, mini waffles topped with chicken nuggets & syrup. This was my first time having chicken & waffles in the south mind you (and yes, these count). Savory & sweet, crispy & fluffy, these little guys were paradise in my mouth. I’m happy I don’t permanently live in Greenville, NC—I would definitely gain 500lbs—these were addicting!

Besides waffles, Smashed Waffles also has a full coffee menu, with regular drip coffee, lattes, espresso, even their own nitro cold brew! And their drinks are just as wild as their waffles, with flavors like bourbon & caramel, hazelnut & Nutella, they even have a spicy shot of espresso with cayenne & a ghost pepper syrup (I saw Chris start to sweat just from reading it!). All the coffee they serve are their own specialty blends, all roasted locally here in North Carolina. You can even buy bags of beans to go, and get the same great cup of joe at home. Speaking of home, do you know that Smashed Waffles delivers? No I’m not joking. You can order online, get it delivered or just go down pick it up. Are you craving a sweet late-night snack? They got you. You running late for work and need a quick pick up? They got you there too. You can have your favorite waffle, even a coffee, delivered to your door without ever getting off your couch (except when you need to pay.. because you need to pay.) Smashed Waffles even caters! Hmm. I’d say this would be way cooler than a lame wedding cake!

If you look to IHOP or Denny’s to get your waffle fix, then you need to up your game with Smashed Waffles. They’re creative, innovative, fun and serve a way better cup of coffee than your typical donut shop. Even if you’re in a bad mood—go to Smashed Waffles—the colors & menu, are sure put a smile on your face. Even if that doesn’t brighten your mood, take a bite into one of their creations, I guaranteed that’ll get‘cha. Eating at Smashed Waffles was like reliving my glory days, when I would eat frozen waffles, right out of the toaster (totally dry mind you) while watching Saturday morning cartoons. But these are 100 times better, made from scratch everyday with a dedication to serving an honest, local, and flavorful product. Just like their slogan, smashed waffles are not your ordinary waffle, and I’m so happy The Blog Bus and Good Bites & Glass Pints made it to this sweet & savory spot that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

And just in case your still not convinced (or not smiling yet..), this video the guys at Smashed Waffles put together is sure to win you over!

More Pictures of Smashed Waffles below!


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