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  • Single 5x7 card: Choose your preferred illustration.
  • Bundle of 3 for $25: Receive a mix of all three illustrations (1 of each).
  • Bundle of 12 for $85: Enjoy a diverse mix, subject to availability.


  • The Pine Set: This silkscreen print pays homage to timeless evergreens like holly, pine, and cedar, capturing the essence of our favorite pointed green plants—(no offense cacti)
  • The Oak Set: This silkscreen print honors the mighty oak, a symbol of the forest's strength and vitality, crucial for sustaining diverse wildlife.

  • The Maple SetThe Maple Mandala silkscreen print pays homage to the modern tradition of transforming sap into syrup, capturing the essence of that sticky, delicious goodness reminiscent of Vermont.


5X7 will be a 3 color SCREENPRINT

'24 Mini Prints

  • Affinity design by Chris Boudrow. 5X7 screenprint.

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