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Lost grave we found!

Who are we?

We're the BUS PEOPLE!

We are a creative dynamic duo; one part designer, one part photographer. Traveling the countryside in our renovated school bus (The Blog Bus!) We have a custom-made printmaking studio built right in our bus, where we make our limited-edition handmade silkscreen prints! See the magic yourself or grab one of these one-of-a-kind pieces for your home!

Chris + Toby on a hike!

What do we do?

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A little bit of everything...

Welcome to our creative hub! From logo designs + reclaimed material signage to professional photography + vibrant silkscreen-printed event posters, we excel in diverse services to make your business shine. Contact us for a personalized proposal—our wide-ranging skills ensure we capture your unique vision!

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We Finally Made it to Key West!

A 90's kids dream...

In 2019; we bought, renovated, then traveled in our beautiful school bus. We blogged about our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants + breweries. Not knowing what 2020 would bring; we thought that was going to be our path. But due to major struggles the food & bev industry had to face— we've since then; pivoted the business. But that doesn't mean we wouldn't want to continue down this path again! Give us a hollar if you need a little advertising with a blog post, or professional designs/photography + we'll swing on by in our little colorful school bus!

We finally made it to Key West!

What's our specialty?


Pork Belly Wrap

What makes us really unique is we're life-long artists whose spent YEARS in the food + bev industry. From dive bars + oceanfront dining, to corporate fast-casual to white tablecloth fine dining. We understand the ins + outs of both BOH + FOH and how it can run successfully. With our decades of restaurant experience combined + our creative minds we can effortlessly create your restaurants identity + promote your online business.

Cauliflower Design

We have a passion for helping restaurants

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Berkshire County Artists

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