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If you're in search of designs, photos, reclaimed built material, or silkscreen prints, you've come to the right place! We're dedicated to highlighting your business in the best possible light, regardless of its nature. Once we have your contact information, anticipate an email to coordinate a discussion—whether through a phone call or an in-person meet-up. As artists, comprehending the nuances of your passion expressed in conversation aids us in translating it into visually stunning creations.

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Who we're working with

Let us give you the lowdown on one of our awesome clients and how we've helped them elevate their brand with our killer photography, stunning designs, and knack for capturing their vision. From day one, they knew they had something special - and boy, were they right! With our expertise, we've taken their company to new heights. Now, they're gearing up to open a storefront in Great Barrington. Do we bring the goods? Well, we'll let you be the judge of that. But one thing's for sure: when it comes to scaling the peak, we're the mountaineers guiding your arm to lead you to the top.

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Hired for:

  • Brand Identity 

  • Design Logo Rebrand

  • Photography

  • Marketing

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Get ready for the buzz surrounding this power couple's local specialty liquor store. With wine tastings, public dinners, and a knack for giving the people what they want, they're unstoppable. Now, with a second location on the horizon, they're eager to expand their palette and style. Enter us, the dynamic duo behind their cohesive wine label design. With vibrant colors and

Chris' typographical expertise, we crafted labels that speak to them and their clientele, ensuring their bottles fly off the shelves faster than you can say "cheers!"

Oser Rosé front_edited.jpg

Hired for:

  • Wine Label Design

  • Vector Projects


Ready to make your customers' mouths water with just one pic? No sweat. We've got the inside scoop on the restaurant game – because we've worked in them! We know what dishes fly off the menu and what keeps customers cruising in for that refreshing drink or juicy burger. Recently, we took on a restaurant with a solid rep in Stockbridge, now under new ownership, aiming to keep the loyal regulars while also reeling in a younger crowd. With our captivating photography, menu designs, and marketing wizardry, we've turned ordinary nights into record-breaking ones for this cozy little spot.

last burger night.png

Hired for:

  • Poster + Menu Design

  • Photography

  • Marketing

Hous-made Jerusalem Street-Styled Bagel_EasterBrunch.jpg
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2.6.23 burger IG grid.png

When it comes to opening a new restaurant, nailing that first impression is key! Our client, with her vision of an old Scottish pub, knew she needed signage that was as unique and charming as her establishment. Who better to tackle the task than the creative duo known for turning a school bus into a mobile art studio? Armed with chisels, creativity, and a whole lot of elbow grease, we scoured second-hand stores and ventured into the forest in search of reclaimed materials. With a little TLC, we transformed scrappy finds into beautiful, bespoke signage that sets the perfect tone for her pub.

C or G sign proposal.jpg

Hired for:

  • 4'x4' Restaurant Signage

  • Game Room Sign

  • 2 Toilet Signs

  • 'Order Here' Sign

CommonorGardenPub_Signage-2 (1).jpg
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Past Clients

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