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BB Renovations 2019

Why Do We Have A School Bus?

Hello! Welcome to The Blog Bus!
We're a couple of millennials that decided to start their own food/drink blog business –   Good Bites & Glass Pints


We also want to travel, get out of debt, & create a new life for ourselves.

Both of us are artists, Chris is a designer/illustrator & Ally is a food/drink photographer. We've worked together for 6 straight years, in 3 different restaurants no less. Ally is a front of house queen (hosting, bartending, serving...just about any job interacting with guests) & Chris can do just about every job there is in a restaurant (line cook, prep guy, pizza guy, server, bartender, etc.). Needless to say, we know the ins & outs of the hospitality & foodservice world. With our insider knowledge & our starving artist lifestyle, we can REALLY tell you where to get the best food & drinks, without emptying out your entire wallet. Coupled with our love of storytelling, knowing the real value of a restaurant/brewery, & our skills artistically? We can really transport you there and make your mouth water.
And so @goodbitesandglasspints was born!

Next, we really wanted to travel and seek out really awesome restaurants & just do our blog by Summer 2019...But how?

Transportation is key.

.....and if we were always going out to eat, we should really try to save $$ on hotels/motels.. so we thought, why don’t we have a bed inside of our vehicle?

So we began looking at RVs, VW Buses, Hightop Conversion Vans, Painter Vans, etc. What we found was that either, they were nice but too expensive, in our price range but needed a lot of work ( more), some didn't have enough headroom (Chris is Tall), not enough windows (Ally is a bit claustrophobic), or it wasn't all that safe on the road, etc etc... we also thought about making this more LONG term, something we can keep using after the trip.

We didn't think we'd be able to find the right fit for us... then we heard about Skoolies.

We weighed the pros & cons of converting a school bus & before we knew it, we were out shopping for a school bus!!
We knew converting a school bus was going to be difficult, but with our drive & a desire to change our lives for the better? It was actually a pretty easy decision!

Converting it was another story...

We worked tirelessly for 6 months while still working our full-time jobs, trying to get this bus converted into a home by Summer 2019..... and SOMEHOW, we pulled it off!

And so here are our stories, time-lapse videos, & photos of what the bus WAS & what WILL be of our blog bus. We are so excited & we are ready to take off on our journey we've been working so hard towards.

Everyone’s support during this process has been overwhelmingly amazing. Really, from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget the people that have helped & encouraged us on our journey. If anyone has any questions on how we did this on such a tight budget, PLEASE MESSAGE US! We want to help ANYONE that is interested in this lifestyle change & to give back to the people that helped us.
If we can do this.. so can you!
Not to sound too corny or anything.