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farmerbrown, San Francisco, CA

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

We were in the mood for some soul food... and let me tell you, we got some soul food at farmerbrown. Walking in, we were immediately greeted by a wrap bar covered in copper and filled with low lights and candles. We got to our table and found out that copper was the central theme to the restaurant. Everywhere you looked you saw copper, wood and warm light, very comfortable and welcoming. We were excited to read the menu since we were famished after our first day in San Francisco and seriously hankering for some fried chicken or chicken and waffles... whatever we could get. Me, being surrounded by graphic designers, couldn't help but notice the DESIGN of this menu. It was eye-catching, worked extremely well, very legible, and still 'felt' like a soul food joint, without even needing to read the menu. The first thing I tried was the Veggie Jambalaya, and it was

beyond delicious. I very rarely eat jambalaya too, because I have had terrible jambalaya before so I have a bit of PTJD (Post Traumatic Jambalaya Disorder,) but I am sooo happy that I tried this one. The veggies and rice tasted SO fresh, and the sauce was definitely housemade. Whenever I took a bite, I kept finding myself just holding the food in my mouth for a while, because of how good it was; I just wanted the flavors to stay with me as long as possible. Other fantastic dishes included the Pulled Pork Po'boy and the Crispy Cornmeal Catfish. Both are top contenders for the the next time I stop by.

Tender, juicy, crispy, and satisfying are just a couple of adjectives right off the bat that can't even begin to explain what its like to take a bite of farmerbrown's food. And on the drink end of things the Matty's Manhattan was exactly what I needed after a long day of traveling. Even more so pairing it with some fried chicken or chicken and waffles. farmerbrown takes old classic southern food and puts a fun twist on it, to make it unique and special. The chef here at farmerbrown truly cooks from the soul, I felt like we were joining someone's southern family and having an amazing home cooked meal made especially for us.




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