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Post. Eatery & Bar Lee, MA

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I, literally, just heard about this place. Our good friend, Tom Morrison (he’s one of the owners of South Egremont Spirit Shoppe, my favorite store), first told us about Post. One Saturday night, we were at Prairie Whale, having our shift drinks after work. He was raving about this new restaurant in Lee, and how good their tater tot's were. Tater tots? I LOVE me some tater tots! This food encompassed most of my 90's childhood. Where is this place? How have I not heard about it? So, as I learned, Post. Eatery & Bar just opened up in August, (VERY recently) at 5 Railroad St in Lee, Mass near the post office., As luck would have it, me and Chris live just down the road (walking to this place will definitely be in our daily routine in the future). Post filled in the vacant space that used to house a Vietnamese restaurant. They had really good food, but inside it always felt so cramped. So we were very interested to see how Post used the small space, not to mention I needed some tater tots (not potato puffs) ASAP.

So one dreary Wednesday night, we decided to brighten our day with good friends and good food, and made a trip down to Post. Eatery & Bar. Joining us for our latest culinary excursion were our good friends Karis and Old Man Paddy (his name is actually Patrick, but he's an Irish bartender, and older than that’s how he got the name). Old Man Paddy made it there first, saving us a high top by the door. So how did they use that small, cramped space? I was absolutely floored that this was the same restaurant from before. It felt SO. MUCH! BIGGER!!! They didn't knock down any walls, it's just the way they designed it was very thoughtful on the space and how people would move through it. It no longer felt cramped, but cozy, while still being bright and open (but not so bright as if you're on stage). Post has a quaint little dining room that can seat about 20, with three 2-tops and three 4-tops (some of the tables are high tops, like ours) that are arranged around the outer edges of the restaurant. In the center of the room, Post's 12-seat L-shaped bar fills

most of the space, with a lamp post at its corner (wicked cool!). The ceilings and walls are an off-white color, giving the little eatery a nice airy feeling. Dark half wall wood paneling grounds the room, with an assortment of vintage door knobs sticking out here and there, perfect for hanging coats, purses, or in my case, cameras. Plus, what I think might be my favorite thing, is the entire right wall which is completely covered with reclaimed barn wood. Other decor to help make the room feel bigger included some 'distressed looking' mirrors hanging against the white tile backsplash behind the bar, and they even used reclaimed window panels, giving the illusion of windows. With the white tiles, lamp post and the concrete floors, the restaurant feels like you're in an old New York City subway station. There was some seating outside, but unfortunately it was pouring the day we went (Why do I feel like it always rains when we go out to eat?). For 6 o'clock on a Wednesday evening, the dining room was half full, pretty impressive. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, fully engrossed in their own conversation (most of them eating tater tots...). Hey, we should probably get in on some tater tots (or at least get something to drink.)

For drinks Chris got Topling Goliath’s Pseudo-Sue Pale Ale (which is a favorite of his), a hazy pale ale that’s as juicy as it is citrusy. Our friend Karis got the Post Spritz, which was their take on an Aperol Spritz (seems to be all the craze lately). Me and Old Man Paddy decided to go for one of the three beers they had on tap, both of us picking Down The Road’s Hooligan’ English Nut Brown Ale (Limited Release). "Their take on an English pub ale, inspired by the Hedley Kow of English folklore, the Hooligan dances across the palate. What starts as a sweet, malty brew shifts to rich, chocolate and coffee bitterness before transitioning to mild nuttiness and finally disappearing as if it were never there." Along with our drinks we ordered a couple appetizers to share while we still locked in our choices for dinner. Obviously we got some tater tots, but there was another app that caught our eye: twisted pizza. Karis asked the server what exactly twisted pizza was, and she had a little difficulty explaining it, and honestly, I'm going to have a hard time explaining it too... it's almost like a pizza cinnamon roll, but with cheese and pepperoni instead of frosting and cinnamon in it. Or as she explained it

like a rolled calzone, and sliced like a roast... both not wrong–just very difficult to explain. Whatever it is, it’s darn delicious. That's really all you need to know. It’s super cheesy, with real good ‘spaghetti effect’, and the bread is soooo soft and pillowy. It’s great for sharing, but also great to suck up some of that alcohol from the night’s adventures. So before I mention the tater tots, I want to talk about potato puffs.

For some strange reason, Chris, and a few handful of people, call tater tots potato puffs. They are wrong, and they need to know. Anyways, the TATER TOTS were crispy and golden, fried to perfection. Right now Post has three different options to top your tots: Buffalo Chicken, Philly Cheese Steak, and Sloppy Joe. Yeah, we went with the Philly tots, topped with sauteed peppers and onions, sliced steak, and melted provolone cheese. They were in our bellies as soon as they hit the table. I had no idea how badly my stomach needed those tots. I’ll definitely be taking regular walks down to Post to get my tater tot fix from now on. Now that we got tots off the brain it was time for entrees. We were all feeling very unoriginal that night and so we all got sandwiches. Luckily Post had our back and offers uniquely delectable sandwiches. Chris got the hot Italian roll (sliced Italian sausage with peppers & onions, with a basil aioli in a brioche bun) with a side of potato salad, which was just how my grandmother made it. It had some crunchy onions in there with some dill, and a nice distribution of mayo that wasn’t overbearing. I got the Not Your Mom’s Manwich, a fancier take on Sloppy Joe sliders, that had just the right amount of heat. And on a tiny toasted brioche bun, it was melt-in-your-mouth good. As a side I also got the Bean & Grain Salad, which was delicious! It had some quinoa in it, a little bit of a corn, chickpeas, and some blue cheese (just say blue cheese and I'm down). Paddy got the Roasted Ham and Cheese sandwich on special, and Karis got the Crimini Melt both served on a sourdough bun with a side of greens. They were all gone before we knew it. We ordered more drinks after dinner and just talked the night away. Wherever the conversation led, it always seemed to come back to how cute this little hole in the wall was and how Lee definitely needed it.

Post. Eatery & Bar is such a unique place and I can only see great things for its future. We are big fans already, and will probably be regulars of this place soon enough. Danielle (the chef & owner) will probably get sick of seeing us. It’s the perfect place to have a quick (but delicious) meal that isn't 5 sizes too big (eyes-bigger-than-your-stomach syndrome). And if you’re traveling to the Berkshires, and you're FAMISHED from that long drive on the Pike, get off at exit 2. Post. Eatery & Bar is just off the exit and is waiting for you with good bites and glass pints after your long drive. Lee may be the gateway to the Berkshires, but Post is the gateway to tummies full with satisfaction (just make sure you get the tater tots and NOT potato puffs!).

More Pictures of Post. Eatery & Bar down below!


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