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  • Single 5x7 card: Choose your preferred illustration.
  • Bundle of 3 for $25: Receive a mix of all three illustrations (1 of each).
  • Bundle of 12 for $85: Enjoy a diverse mix, subject to availability.


  • In The City: Who needs roads when you have snowshoes and a winter wonderland? ❄️ This memory from our Winter Walk series takes us back to the blizzard that shut down all the roads when we first moved to The Berkshires. But instead of giving up on our quest for the perfect Christmas tree, we walked downtown, found a local market, and carried our tree back home. The lanterns glowed and the snow fell around us as we felt the warmth of the community and the joy of the season.
  • In The Country: Finding magic in the winter wonderland ❄️

    Our snowshoe adventure on the Waterbury Community Path was a moment of pure enchantment. The way the sun and clouds played together, the gentle snowfall, and the breathtaking mountain landscape made us feel like we were in a spiritual dream. The memory was so vivid and powerful that we had to relive it again. Here's to more breathtaking moments like this, where we can find magic in the beauty of nature. 

  • In The Suburbs: Forever our winter view ❄️

    This picturesque scene was a part of our daily life for 9 years at our Lee MA apartment. The view from atop the hill, overlooking the valley, always left us in awe during the winter season. The warm glow of flickering lights in the windows and the cozy chimneys ablaze made us feel grateful for the simple joys of life. We couldn't resist capturing this moment and reliving the coziness it brought us.


5X7 will be a 3 color SCREENPRINT

'23 Holiday Cards