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Cheers to the relentless hustle of the restaurant industry!

This print captures the essence of our countless years in the business and those never-ending summer nights. From navigating through the chaos as servers, bartenders, line cooks, head chefs, to owners... to finding the elusive end of the night, we've experienced it all. This illustration is a tribute to everyone who truly understands the exhilaration and hard work of a busy night shift + the unbelievable manuevers we've made so a guest can have a great experience. When it does finally end, and FINALLY take that first sip of a shift drink; its the thing of the gods and tastes like pure nectar. Looking back at that ticket tower... and SHEESH! That beer is well deserved.


9x12 will be a 3 color SCREENPRINT


  • Affinity design by Chris Boudrow. 9x12 screenprint, Please message us for pricing for alternate sizes.

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