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Sunflower Caffè Sonoma, CA

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

This place was so freakin' adorable I couldn't even take it. Right when you get to the Sunflower Caffè you are immediately greeted with cafe styled chairs and tables out on the front patio overlooking the busy Sonoma Center. It felt as if we were in a European city center, people watching while sipping on our coffee. When we entered, the inside was bright, welcoming, and with local artwork covering the walls. Looking at the menu, it was full of amazing looking dishes, and all locally sourced to boot. The grilled cheese was extraordinary; aged white cheddar & jack cheese, grilled on hand sliced sourdough, and served with organic dressed greens. I paired it with a local roasted tomato soup that just hit the spot, one of the best versions of this classic staple I've had in a long time. Just when I thought I had the best meal the Sunflower Caffè had to offer, in came their California sandwich. That is what dreams are made of. It looked so good that I ate it so quickly, I even forgot to take a picture of it! With local eggs, arugula, avocado, bacon, chèvre goat cheese sauce, organic brioche bun and local greens, need I say: YUM!

What really made this place a true gem was their garden patio in the back. And it truly was a garden with sunflowers, english ivy, hanging plants, and potted plants every which way, it totally enveloped the back outdoor seating. So much so that it made it a whole ten degrees cooler than it actually was out on the street. I almost felt like I was in a rainforest rather than the old western county of Sonoma. The patio was filled with tables all with vibrant yellow chairs, and they even have a little wine bar to chill outside in the shade on those hot California days. If you are looking for a cool atmosphere (visually and temperately) for dining outside and people watching, or to feel as if you're in your own secret garden... or even just to sit inside with local artwork and brightly colored decor all with an extremely laid back attitude, this is your first stop. For a full on meal all made with local ingredients, or even just a cafe latte made with local milk, you don't need to go to a restaurant with table service for fantastic food. The Sunflower Caffè has better food than most restaurants I've seen and an even better atmosphere to help you forget about your busy life for awhile.




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