The Shed Healdsburg, CA

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The Shed is like Disneyland for farmers, local artists, and chefs, selling locally sourced meats and vegetables, as well as handmade goods and artwork. Lingering towards the back there is a cafe and bar, perfect for you to relax and enjoy some farm-to-table food while sitting at fancy wooden picnic tables and enjoying your surroundings. It's a very interesting place all around, before we even entered inside we were intrigued. Right as you walk in, you get a little hint of what you might be getting yourself into when you grab the door handles: a pitch fork and shovel. Inside there's a market area where you can buy local food to cook at home, or you can get a prepared meal from one of their several vendors. The entire building itself was reminiscent of a giant greenhouse, with floor to ceiling glass walls. Even if it's a bit chilly outside (which it was the day we went, ) inside you are warm yet still feel like you are outside. With so many vendors inside, and so many things to look at, the average person might feel a bit claustrophobic (like myself,) but because of the large glass windows and high ceilings it was completely comfortable in a busy lunch crowd. Plus looking at locally made pots, pans, bowls, tablecloths, glassware, meats, cheeses, and produce gave you enough distraction to forget about everyone else there.

For me and my friends, our stop at The Shed was part of a food tour of the neighborhood. When we sat down we had some noshes to share to start with. First we had their Rhubarb Shrub which was so refreshing, the perfect thing to drink during lunch. Named the "Shed Juice", it is made fresh daily from their kitchen, and you could taste that there was fresh rhubarb in that drink. Next on to the food! We got their mezze plate, which always changes according to the time of year, but always is a selection of cheeses, olives, and crackers. The seasonal selection we got had some beet tzatziki, lentils, hummus, olives, local crackers (flax seed I believe?), farro salad with local purple cabbage, and the most amazing local marinated feta I've ever had in my life.

Not only does The Shed deliver amazing food, but they also offer beautiful housewares, thoughtfully considered pantry equipment, and impeccably-designed farm and garden tools. Conveniently located in the heart of Healdsburg center, so you can never miss this not-so hidden gem.




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